About Us

We provide compassionate perinatal and preconception care to a diverse population of individuals and their families using state of the art technology in close collaboration with our community-based referring providers.

We are committed to following best practices in Maternal Fetal Medicine and Genetics, and through our academic and clinical training foster the development of the next generation of physicians.


(From left to right:Homa Ahmadzia, MD, MPH; Susanne Bathgate, MD, FACOGCharles Macri, MD, FACOG, FACMG; Michael Gallagher, MD, FACOGJohn Larsen, MD, FACOG, FACMG)


About Us

Our highly skilled team consists of board-certified Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists, perinatal sonographers and genetic counselors, all of whom work closely with your health care professional to provide the highest level of comprehensive high-risk obstetric and genetic consultative services. Here at The GW Medical Faculty Associates Center for Maternal Fetal Medicine and Genetics, our specialists have training and expertise in screening, testing, and managing maternal or fetal complications using state-of-the-art ultrasound (including 3D and 4D capabilities), along with diagnostic testing as needed.

Our affiliation with GW Hospital is our site for hospitalization and delivery. 

 The entire staff on the Maternal Fetal Medicine & Genetics team look forward to seeing you at your next visit!



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