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Understanding Multi-Modal Pain Management

It's no surprise that untreated or excess pain significantly interferes with a person's recovery after surgery. Paul Dangerfield, MD is director of Clinical Anesthesia at The GW Medical Faculty Associates. Fourteen years ago he saw breast cancer patients in a lot of pain and thought there had to be a better way. 

Motivated by those patients, and by his own wife's experience, Dr. Dangerfield set out to devise a better, less-painful approach. His methodology of choice is the conventional paravertebral block (PVB). It's a long-standing local anesthetic approach enjoying a renaissance among breast care patients. PVB is effective in alleviating pain associated with breast care treatment during procedures ranging from simple biopsies to complex mastectomies with reconstruction. 

Leading a team of physicians and nurses working in the George Washington University Hospital's Acute Pain Service, Dr. Dangerfield brings unparalleled pain management expertise to the Comprehensive Breast Care Program at The GW Medical Faculty Associates.

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