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Hidden July 4th Threats

The GW Medical Faculty Associates: Hidden July 4th Threats

Topics: fourth of july, sports medicine, emergency medicine,

The GW Medical Faculty Associates wants you to be safe this Independence Day. It may surprise you to learn that fireworks accidents are NOT the most likely cause for unexpected ER visit this holiday weekend.


Emotional Eating: How to Cope

The GW Medical Faculty Associates: Emotional Eating: How to Cope

Topics: Emotional Eating, Weight Loss Clinic,

If you raid the fridge when you’re stressed or upset, that’s called emotional eating. Emotional eating affects most everyone from time to time, but regularly letting your feelings guide your food intake can affect your health.


Heart Your Heart

The GW Medical Faculty Associates: Heart Your Heart

Topics: Dr. Jannet Lewis, Women's Heart Center, heart disease, women, risk assessment, nutrition counseling, risk management,

Ladies, more women die each year from cardiovascular disease than men. February is Heart Health Month. Heart your heart! For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call: 202-741-2323.


Melanoma Risk from Manicures?

The GW Medical Faculty Associates: Melanoma Risk from Manicures?

Topics: UV exposure, dermatology, melanoma, skin cancer,

It's Melanoma Monday -- a time for greater awareness of this deadly form of skin cancer. A small but new study shows some people might be exposing themselves to increased risk of melanoma when they receive manicures.