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World AIDS Day

The GW Medical Faculty Associates: World AIDS Day

Topics: World Aids Day,

In honor of World Aids Day, we would like to commemorate those who have passed away from HIV/AIDS. Read what our HIV Clinical Team had to say about the progress and advances in the field of HIV.


Carrots—and More—for Healthy Eyes

The GW Medical Faculty Associates: Carrots—and More—for Healthy Eyes

Topics: healthy eyes,

Carrots are good for your eyes—but so are many other vegetables. Fill your plate with leafy greens and other tasty produce.


A Thanksgiving Menu Tune-Up

The GW Medical Faculty Associates: A Thanksgiving Menu Tune-Up

Topics: thanksgiving, recipes,

Holidays bring joy — and food anxiety. How to cook, how to serve, and, finally, how much? In an era when we all seem to be on a diet, do you give in and make everything Grandma did?


Melanoma Risk from Manicures?

The GW Medical Faculty Associates: Melanoma Risk from Manicures?

Topics: UV exposure, dermatology, melanoma, skin cancer,

It's Melanoma Monday -- a time for greater awareness of this deadly form of skin cancer. A small but new study shows some people might be exposing themselves to increased risk of melanoma when they receive manicures.


Heart Your Heart

The GW Medical Faculty Associates: Heart Your Heart

Topics: Dr. Jannet Lewis, Women's Heart Center, heart disease, women, risk assessment, nutrition counseling, risk management,

Ladies, more women die each year from cardiovascular disease than men. February is Heart Health Month. Heart your heart! For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call: 202-741-2323.