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Survivors of Adult Cancers


Survivors of Childhood Cancers

Meet Our Team

Our team of professionals is dedicated to addressing your needs. We work with internists and registered dietitians and refer you to a specialist when necessary. We believe all patients treated for cancer deserve this type of collaborative care and information.

Our Team Includes:

  • April Barbour, MD -Director of Internal Medicine, MFA
  • Michael Czarnecki, MD - Associate Professor of Medicine, MFA
  • Brad Moore, MD - Associate Professor of Medicine, MFA
  • Natalie Nicolas, Registered Dietitian, MFA
  • Jennifer Dean, MD - Pediatric Oncologist, private practice; partner
  • Kate Shafer, LICSW - Pediatric Oncology Social Worker, Children’s National Medical Center; partner
  • Jennifer Bires, LICSW - Oncology Social Worker, MFA
  • Guinevere Que, NP – Neurology