Anal Sphincter Ultrasound


Goals – Ultrasound examination of the anal sphincter muscles may identify areas of the muscle that have been injured during childbirth, from surgery or by trauma. Ultrasound works much like radar by sending sound waves through the tissues and measuring the reflected waves. No radiation is used. A circular image of the sphincter muscle is generated.

Preparation – Approximately 2 hours before your scheduled appointment please take one Fleet enema. This may be purchased at any drug or grocery store. After following the package directions on the box about inserting the contents of the bottle into the rectum, double the inserted volume by filling the plastic bottle with room temperature tap water and add this to the original enema already in the rectum. Wait 3-5 minutes if possible and then evacuate in the bathroom.

The test – This ultrasound test lasts for 15-30 minutes and is performed while you are lying on your left side on a examination table. A lubricated ultrasound probe with a latex cover is placed into the rectum. The probe is slowly withdrawn while scans of the anal sphincter muscles are taken.