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Like any great meal, a second helping is in demand. Season 2 of the Telly Award winning Epicure with Chef MDs is here. In case you missed the first season, the web series teams DC’s finest chefs with leading physicians from George Washington Medical Faculty Associates (GW MFA) to prepare simple, healthy recipes for everything from tapas to multi-course meals.


EpiCURE with Chef MDs is a production of GW MFA and hosted by Former Food Network Host Marc Silverstein.

Ep8: Turkey Meatballs with Chef David Guas
If you're on a neutropenic diet from cancer treatments you have to follow some pretty strict rules when it comes to food. Here at Bayou Bakery in Arlington, VA, Chef David Guas has a turkey meatball recipe that fits the dietary bill, tastes great, and is easy to make at home.
Ep7: Fish Moilee with Chef Vikram Sunderam
The risk of developing prostate cancer increases steadily with age. Eating health CAN make a difference, and eating here, at Rasika, in downtown DC, with all its natural ingredients and great spices, can make it that much better.
Ep6: Friend Brussels Sprouts with Spike Mendelsohn
Here's something you don't want to forget – eating a healthy diet that's rich in vitamins and nutrients can help your memory. We're here in Georgetown at the Good Stuff Eatery with Chef, extraordinaire Spike Mendelsohn with a recipe thats good for your brain.
Ep5: Avocado Banana Chaat with Vikram Sunderam
If you're pregnant and looking for something healthy to eat, we have a reservation for you at one of the hottest restaurants in DC. Rasika specializes in modern Indian cuisine. Get ready for some flavorful tapas. It's exactly what you're craving.
Ep4: Pan Seared Salmon with Jeff Tunks
A low white blood cell count is a common complication if you're being treated for cancer. What you eat and don't eat is very important during this time. Here in Arlington, Virginia, acclaimed Chef, Jeff Tunks, has a delicious recipe if you're on a neutropenic diet.
Ep3: Chewy Honey Almond Bars with David Guas
If you're on a gluten free diet you may think desserts are off the table, but that definitely is not the case here at Bayou Bakery in Arlington, VA. Chef David Guas has some sweet treats that are gluten free and full of flavor.
Ep2: American Wedge with Spike Mendelsohn
As we age our memory seems to take a hit, but eating a healthy diet rich in nutrients and vitamins can really give you a boost. We're at the Good Stuff Eatery where one of America's top chefs – Spike Mendelsohn – has a recipe thats impossible to forget.
Episode 1: Grilled Swordfish with Tabouleh
If you're diabetic or on a low glycemic diet, choosing the right carbohydrates is vital. We're here at RIS in downtown Washington, DC where the incredible Ris Lacoste has something sweet and savory just for you that’s also low in fat and cholesterol.
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