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Like any great meal, a second helping is in demand. Season 2 of the Telly Award winning Epicure with Chef MDs is here. In case you missed the first season, the web series teams DC’s finest chefs with leading physicians from George Washington Medical Faculty Associates (GW MFA) to prepare simple, healthy recipes for everything from tapas to multi-course meals.


EpiCURE with Chef MDs is a production of GW MFA and hosted by Former Food Network Host Marc Silverstein.

Ep 14: The Inn at Little Washington - Brussel Sprout Petals
Washington, DC may be the center of power, but 2 hours outside of the city, the Inn at Little Washington, is the culinary capitol. Its owner, renowned chef, Patrick O'Connell, in true VIP fashion, has a low fat, low cholesterol recipe just for you.
Ep13: L'Academie de Cuisine
If you're on a low glycemic diet, whether you're trying to lose weight or for health reasons, food cravings can do you in. We've got the solution for that - a really tasty chicken curry recipe here at the renowned L'Academie de Cuisine. Crave away!
Ep12: Mocktails at The Hamilton
For those who love cocktails but can't or don't want alcohol the answer is mocktails. They're a healthy alternative, especially for pregnant women, and we have some great ones for you at the Hamilton in downtown DC.
Ep11: Fisherman's Stew - Chef Geoff
So many people are gluten sensitive. They have to be careful what they eat. They can't have wheat, barley, or rye. Chef Geoff Tracy is going to show us a recipe that is both gluten free and delicious.
Ep10: Wild Salmon - Marcel's
If you're under going treatment for cancer your immune system could be suppressed and you might want to consider what's called a neutropenic diet – something that reduces your exposure to high bacteria foods and of course you want it to be delicious, which is why we're turning to the acclaimed Robert Wiedmaier at Marcels.
Ep 9: Yellow Tomato Gazpacho with Garnish at District Commons
Making good food choices is a great way to improve your overall health. Jeff Tunks at District Commons has a really tasty yellow tomato gazpacho that's both low in cholesterol and low in fat.
Ep 8: Planko Crusted Salmon at L’Academie de Cuisine
One of the first things you learn about cooking is that fat is flavor, but what happens to the taste if you want to cook low fat, low cholesterol recipes? We've got the answer to that right here at L'Academie de Cuisine.
Ep7: Braised Halibut with Cauliflower with Bob Kinkead
Low glycemic, high protein foods give you more energy longer. They cut out the highs and lows. They keep you full longer. Bob Kinkead has a recipe you have to try!
Ep6: Seared Scallops Salad with Chef Geoff
Low calorie and low fat, now that is something we can all sink our teeth into, right? Geoff Tracy, better known as Chef Geoff, one of DC's best chefs, has a low calorie, low fat dish that is really tasty.
Ep5: Society Fair - Gravlax
The search for healthy aphrodisiacs is an ancient pursuit. Out journey takes us right here to society fair in Old Town, Alexandria, where acclaimed chef Cathal Armstrong has just the recipe for romance.
Ep4: Super Fruit Smoothie at Marcel's
If only there were some kind of food that combined everything you need for good health and well being that was also delicious. In this episode, we're at Marcels in DC where super chef Robert Wiedmaier has a super food smoothie.
Ep3: Pregnancy Tapas at The Hamilton
Whether its girls night out or poker with the guys, you don't have to have greasy snack food. A really good alternative is healthy tapas recipes - small plates that are a big hit - right here at The Hamilton in DC.
Ep2: Society Fair
It's time to get passionate about healthy aphrodisiacs. Here at Society Fair in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, renowned Chef, Cathal Armstrong, has a recipe you'll fall in love with.
Ep1: The Inn at Little Washington
The Inn at Little Washington opened in a former garage in 1978 and over the years transformed into an international culinary shrine, and right now, its owner, renowned Chef, Patrick O’Connell is going to transform a vegetarian recipe into yet another masterpiece.
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