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Why Choose Our Team?

The Division of Rheumatology at The GW Medical Faculty Associates is:

The largest academic Division of Rheumatology in Washington, DC

  • Our providers see more patients than any other academic Division of Rheumatology in Washington, DC.
  • We have more practicing rheumatologists than any other academic Division of Rheumatology in Washington, DC.

The only academic Division of Rheumatology in Washington, DC with multiple providers certified in musculoskeletal ultrasound

  • Our trainees receive intense musculoskeletal ultrasound training.
  • Our providers have access to state-of-the-art technology for diagnostic and therapeutic interventions. 

Collaborative and patient-focused, both in patient care and research

  • Home to the world-renowned multidisciplinary myositis clinic, which is funded by the Cure JM Foundation
  • Our faculty collaborate with vascular surgery, immunology, nephrology, radiology, dermatology and hematology to deliver patient-centered rheumatologic care.
  • Our translational nurse and physician scientists collaborate with world-renowned scientists to bring the promise of genomic and translational medicine to the bedside and to conduct ground-breaking research in rheumatic diseases.

Focused on advancing the field of rheumatology

  • Our scientists conduct NIH funded research investigating the interplay of the immune system with the environment.
  • The WE-HEAL study investigates the role of the immune system in wound healing and the impact of pain medications on immune function in wound healing.
  • The GW Medical Faculty Associates Myositis Clinic is funded through a generous grant from the Cure JM Foundation. This multidisciplinary clinic is focused on the management of patients with inflammatory muscle diseases.
  • Our researchers collaborate with industry to conduct novel clinical trials in autoimmune diseases, including the Abatacept in Dermatomyositis (AID) trial which will open for recruitment in 2014.
  • Our team believes that training the rheumatologists of the future is an essential part of our role and we are committed to recruiting the best clinicians to our team.