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"I went to see Dr. Hynes because my blood sugar level was reaching a level at which I would have to take medication for diabetes.  Using her common sense approach, I lost 25 pounds in one year and my blood sugar level went from pre-diabetic to no concern about diabetes and all my other medical tests improved too. I was so impressed I decided to stick with the program and lose more weight.”

-Jerry H. 

“I have had a wonderful experience at the GW weight management program.  Prior to ‘joining’ the GW program, I was struggling physically and emotionally with weight gain.  I wanted some structure that supported a healthy lifestyle and weight.  After my first visit, I Immediately I felt like this is something I can do as a life-long approach to a healthy weight.  

I have had good experience utilizing the tools suggested/offered by the program.  I especially like the websites, books, counseling and visits with Dr. Hynes. Usually, with each visit, I walked away with a new website or a book with a relevant topic to keep me motivated and interested.  I did a lot of little things that made a difference over time.  I weighed myself each day, ate protein at every meal, utilized positive messaging and exercise most days along with walking 10,000 steps.  I limited food but did not deny myself food.  This program has made a significant difference in how I view myself and manage my weight.  I am 40 + pounds lighter and emotionally feel in control of my eating.  I want to acknowledge the role of Dr. Hynes in my success.  Dr. Hynes’ manner and approach was supportive, realistic, and encouraging.  She provides good practical suggestions to my ‘obstacles’.  I believe she genuinely wants the best for each person in the program.  I am grateful to be a part of the program; it has changed my life!” 

-Charlene Rose