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'Zoom Boom' causing increased demand for cosmetic treatments during pandemic (WJLA)


Dermatologists seeing increased demand for cosmetic treatments during pandemic

Things that are very “2020” continue to roll into 2021 including masks, fogged-up glasses, and virtual meetings.

Dermatologists say the latter is creating a “Zoom Boom” – an increased demand for cosmetic treatments. It stems from people staring at themselves on the computer screen.

“We have a wider demographic of people, old and young, Old and young, who are spending hours on end, in front of a computer, staring at themselves,” she said. “So, this is a big divergence from the mirrorless meetings that we have spent most of our lives doing,” said Dr. Pooja Sodha, director of the Center of Laser and Cosmetic Dermatology at George Washington University.

After a year of poor lighting and unflattering angles, Dr. Sodha said it’s not a surprise people are critical of their appearance. It’s nothing new.

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