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Skin Conditions on the Vulva Can Impact Mental Health and Sexual Confidence (


preview of article on Skin Conditions on the Vulva Can Impact Mental Health and Sexual Confidence

We're talking about skin irritation that occurs in this highly intimate region, along with how it can affect one's ability to feel confident and comfortable in sexual scenarios. Now, you should know that this doesn't pertain to the vagina, but rather the vulva, aka the external genital area that surrounds the vagina, which is where a wide range of annoying skin afflictions materialize (not in the muscular canal that babies pass through during childbirth).

Apart from exceedingly common afflictions (like yeast infections), vulvar skin conditions aren't discussed much at all in mainstream media — or even at the dermatologist's office for that matter. This is a shame when you consider how many folks are quietly struggling with skin disorders that affect the genital region (it's up to two-thirds of people with psoriasis), not to mention the shame and insecurities that come with having one of these conditions, or how it affects one's sexual confidence and satisfaction in romantic relationships.

Adam Friedman, a board-certified dermatologist and department chair of dermatology at GW School of Medicine & Health Sciences, based in Washington, D.C., mirrors Hafeez's sentiments almost exactly. "Skin disorders that affect the vulva can have a huge impact on a person's confidence and ability to enjoy sex and intimacy due to the stigma and embarrassment," he says. "It's no question that these conditions can influence mental status and put a person at risk for depression, anxiety, and negative self-image."

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