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Program Goals

Trauma care

  • Become proficient in advance trauma life support
  • Learn current guidelines and best practices of trauma patients
  • Become a leader and integral member of the trauma team

Critical care

  • Learn and apply ventilator management
  • Master critical care pharmacology and vasopressor management
  • Understand critical care infectious disease and antibiotic management
  • Learn the interaction between Palliative Medicine and Critical Care

Obtain the following practical skills

  • Central line placement
  • Arterial line placement
  • Tube thoracostomy (chest tube)
  • First assisting in the operating room
  • Bronchoscopy
  • Laceration repair and complex wound care
  • Chest x-ray and body CT imaging interpretation

Incremental goals

  • Months 1-3
    • Orient to trauma and critical care
    • Complete Advance Trauma Life Support
    • Master the primary and secondary survey
    • Participate in overnight call on the intern level
  • Months 4-6
    • Anticipate the needs of the acutely injured patient
  • Months 7-9
    • Manage more complicated patients independent of other APs and residents
  • Months 10-12
    • Function as a team leader in the trauma bay
    • Participate in overnight call beside junior and senior team members
    • Independently admit and manage critically ill patients