Resident Clinic

The GW Medical Faculty Associates residents welcome you to Resident Clinic. We’d like to take this opportunity to explain who we are and what you can expect when you come to see us as your doctor.

What is a Resident?

A medical resident is a doctor who has finished medical school and is now continuing his/her clinical training in order to become fully educated in the field of Internal Medicine. Residents in Internal Medicine train for three years in order to specialize in the medical treatment of adults. Residents spend time in the hospital and in the clinic taking care of patients and learning about prevention and management of acute and chronic illnesses. 

Who Supervises Residents?

Every resident is supervised by an attending physician. These are doctors who have finished training and are fully licensed. The attending doctors review all information from the residents and the electronic medical record. Together, the resident and attending decide on further evaluation and treatment plans.  

Who will I see at Resident Clinic?

The first physician you see will be a resident. The resident will be your primary physician. However, the attending physician is always in the clinic area. After the initial part of your visit, the resident always talks to the attending physician about your concerns and together they make a decision about the best course of action for you. Then, either both the resident and attending physician, or just the resident, will come back and talk to you about how to proceed with your care and arrange your follow up. 

Why come to Resident Clinic?

By coming to Resident Clinic you are establishing care with a physician who will be able to spend more time with you during your visit. Residents have longer appointment times and you can oftentimes get an appointment with a resident sooner than you can with an attending physician.  

All residents are divided into four teams, each led by several attending physicians. This means you have a team that will get to know you over time. This is important if you need an urgent appointment and your resident PCP is not in clinic. You can schedule with someone on the team who will be more familiar with your health history. 

Who will tell me my test results?

As your doctor, the resident physician will follow-up on all your test results or other studies. This may be by phone, letter, or through our online portal, MyHealth.

How can I reach my resident physician?

You can contact the residents the same way you contact any provider in General Internal Medicine. You can either call the clinic number at 202.741.2222 or log on to and sign up for a MyHealth account to email health related questions or appointment, referral, and refill requests.

Your resident or someone on their team will be in touch as soon as possible to answer any questions or concerns.

Who are the attending physicians?

Mia Marcus, MD   Mia Marcus, MD
Dr. Abeer Alfaraj Tues PM & Wed AM
Dr. Kanika Gupta Tues PM & Wed AM 
Dr. Sheldon Steiner Tues PM & Wed AM
David Popiel, MD   David Popiel, MD
Dr. Joseph Delio Mon PM & Fri PM
Dr. Faryal Osman Wed AM & Fri PM
Dr. Angela Pham Mon PM & Wed AM
Vimala Jayanthi, MD   Vilmala Jayanthi, MD
Dr. Yasir Alfi Fri AM 
Dr. Paul Blair Fri AM 
Dr. Dana Kay Fri AM 
Dr. Nejat Naser Fri AM
Amy Stone, MD   Amy Stone, MD
Dr. Cory Bolinger Fri AM
Dr. Jacob Elkon Fri AM 
Dr. Raeva Malik Fri AM 
Dr. Bryan Senisi Fri AM 
Jillian Catalanotti, MD   Jillian Catalanotti, MD
Dr. Freba Farhat Mon PM & Thurs AM 
Dr. Suneeta Ganji Mon PM & Thurs AM 
Dr. Margaret Gloria Mon PM & Thurs AM 
Sheena Khurana, MD   Sheena Khurana, MD
Dr. Anne Cramer Mon AM & Tues PM 
Dr. Charlie Lee Mon AM & Thurs AM 
Dr. Aung Myint Tues PM & Thurs AM 
Adam Possner, MD   Adam Possner, MD
Dr. Nathan Punwani Wed PM & Fri AM 
Dr. Omar Siddique Wed PM & Fri AM 
Dr. Vladislav Tsaltskan Wed PM & Fri AM 
Mihir Patel, MD   Mihir Patel, MD
Dr. Shuo Chen Tues PM & Thurs AM 
Dr. Nicholas Dallas Tues PM & Thurs AM 
Dr. Raza Yunus Tues PM & Thurs AM 
Ginger Winston, MD   Ginger Winston, MD
Dr. Lei Du Wed PM 
Dr. Leonard Genovese Wed PM 
Dr. Sonya Taneja Wed PM 
Dr. Diane Thompson Wed PM 
Chavon Onumah, MD   Chavon Onumah, MD
Dr. Justin Ertle Mon AM & Fri PM 
Dr. Veeshal Modi Mon AM & Wed AM 
Dr. Adrienne Poon Wed AM & Fri PM 
Robert Jablonover, MD   Robert Jablonover, MD
Dr. Aneesha Hossain Mon PM & Fri PM 
Dr. Srikar Kumar Mon PM & Fri PM 
Dr. David Zarkowsky Mon PM & Fri PM


How can I make an appointment?

Book your appointment online by clicking on the attending physician name above and then selecting Book an Appointment under the physician’s photo. We also accept appointments by telephone between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. To schedule an appointment or for additional information, please call (202) 741-2222


The GW MFA Resident Clinic is located at 22nd & I Street in the Ambulatory Care Center of The GW Medical Faculty Associates, 4th floor. Parking is available in the garage under the ACC building (entrance on I Street).

By Metro

The GW Medical Faculty Associates is located one block from the Foggy Bottom Metro stop (Orange, Blue and Silver lines) at 22nd & I Street.