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Hand and wrist injuries can affect your ability to work and prevent you from enjoying hobbies such as cooking, playing sports or musical instruments, as well as the simple activities of life such as holding onto things, writing, typing, or even opening a  jar.  The orthopaedic hand specialists at the MFA are dedicated to delivering comprehensive and personalized care focused on maximizing our patients’ hand and wrist function. We use the latest techniques to restore function, allowing our patients to use their hands with relief of pain and improved function. We have been at the forefront in the development of many of these techniques. Our expertise includes surgical and non-operative treatment for common and complex hand and wrist conditions.  The majority of surgical procedures for hand and wrist problems are performed on an outpatient basis and often do not require general anesthesia.  

Common procedures performed by our specialists include:

    • Repair of tendon, nerve and vessel injuries. 
    • Tendon transfers
    • Reconstruction for ligament injuries and dislocations of the wrist and hand
    • Fracture fixation of the hand and wrist
    • Hand and wrist arthroplasty (joint replacement)
    • Arthritis surgery, including the thumb and wrist
    • Dupuytren’s contracture surgeries
    • Revision of failed prior surgical procedures
    • DeQuervains and tendinitis surgery
    • Arthroscopic surgery of the wrist
    • Carpal tunnel release, cubital tunnel release
    • Tennis elbow surgery
    • Trigger finger
    • Ganglion excision 

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