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The COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 Vaccine Information & Updates

The GW Medical Faculty Associates (MFA) and the GW Hospital – as well as health systems across the country – are working to get as many patients vaccinated as quickly as possible to support the wellness of our community. However, we are facing a great demand with a limited number of vaccinations. Because of this supply issue, we encourage individuals to take advantage of all vaccine options available in their state and local areas (see below).

We are currently following vaccine distribution guidelines from the District of Columbia and DC Health, which requires that our DC vaccines be provided to DC residents. In accordance with these guidelines, we are offering COVID-19 vaccinations to our eligible patients, which includes those who are:

  • District of Columbia residents who are 65 years of age and over, OR
  • District of Columbia resident who are 16 to 64 with qualifying medical conditions. (see list of conditions from DC Health:

If you are eligible, we will contact you when appointments are available.

We know that many people are eager to be vaccinated, and we are working to provide vaccinations as quickly as possible. As more vaccinations become available, we will continue to offer vaccines to individuals who are eligible based on the guidance of the District of Columbia and DC Health.

Information on vaccine distribution will be available on this website.

We will contact you when you are eligible. So that our department phone lines remain open to all patients’ care needs, please do not call your provider’s office to inquire about your vaccination status.

Thank you for your patience and flexibility as we work through this process.

The District of Columbia is in Phase 1C Tier 1 Vaccine Distribution

You can find more information on the DC Government’s website about their vaccination guidelines and distribution plan:

For more information on the COVID-19 vaccine in your local jurisdiction, please visit the following resources:

COVID-19 Vaccine frequently asked questions

Appointment Information

​Appointment times for the COVID-19 vaccine are in high-demand. We are committed to offering as many vaccination appointments as our supply allows.

  • We are currently notifying eligible patients and individuals by email and/or phone/text on a rolling basis, based on appointment availability. We have established a call center for MFA patients who have been invited for vaccination, so that they may call and make an appointment if they are unable to access web resources.
  • Eligible patients must be able to receive both doses of the Pfizer vaccines with GW. Please do not schedule your vaccine if you have already received a dose elsewhere, or do not plan to receive your second dose with GW.
  • If the appointments are already filled by the time you reach out to schedule your vaccine appointment, please continue to check the calendar, as more appointments will open on a regular basis.
  • Please do not arrive at our vaccination clinic without an appointment, as we will be unable to accommodate vaccinations on a walk-in basis.

GW is committed to fostering the health of the community. As a care providing organization located in Washington, D.C., we are required by DC Health to only vaccinate our patients who reside in the District.

We have many valued patients outside of the District. We encourage our patients who live outside the D.C. to access COVID-19 vaccine information from the health department in the state, city, or county where they reside.

COVID-19 Updates