About Lisa Martin

Lisa Warsinger Martin, MD, FACC is a faculty member in the Division of Cardiology at the George Washington University School of Medicine and Healthcare Sciences.

Dr. Martin joined the faculty of the George Washington University in 2007. Dr. Martin was the medical director for the Cholesterol Management Program at Kaiser Permanente, Mid-Atlantic Region for over 10 years, and took part in the planning for strategies for lipid management for the Kaiser program.  In 2008, Dr. Martin took over as the Principle Investigator for the Women’s Health Initiative, GW site. Dr. Martin has been active in the WHI organization since that time, and has been on the Publication and Presentation Committee to review new proposals and articles. She has also participated in writing proposals and papers with regard to women’s cardiovascular health.

Dr. Martin also became the Lipid Clinic director at The GW Medical Faculty Associates when she joined the faculty in 2007.  She has taken care of patients with difficult lipid problems, intolerance to statins, and has advised patients as to whether they should be on lipid therapy.  Dr. Martin also stresses healthy lifestyles and is very interested in teaching patients about their disease process, and what they can do to improve their health. Interaction with patients and understanding their point of view is important, she feels.

Dr. Martin also teaches medical students, particularly in learning how to interact with patients.


Undergraduate: Harvard University AB in Applied Math Cum Laude 1974
Medical School: University of Florida 1980
Internship and Residency: Johns Hopkins Hospital, Osler, 1980-1983
Cardiology Fellowship: George Washington University 1983- 1986


Recent research activities include:

-Women’s Health Initiative data analysis for cardiovascular disease, particularly regarding risk factors for coronary disease, atrial fibrillation and diet.
-Clinical trials for coronary disease, primary and secondary prevention

Clinical Service:

-Noninvasive cardiac testing:  Cardiology Division Vascular Ultrasound Laboratory director
-Outpatient general cardiology and lipid disorders
-Inpatient cardiovascular service

Community Service:

-Dr. Martin has done many presentations on this subject for the general lay population in the Washington area.
-IRB (Institutional Review Board) for George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences)


-Lipid management
-Noninvasive cardiology
-General cardiology

Personal: Born at George Washington University Hospital, husband Neil F Martin MD Ophthalmologist, 3 children, twins Joshua Martin (medical student)  and David Martin Warsinger (MIT graduate student in engineering), and, Rebecca  Martin MPH. 2 cats.

Selected Publications of interest:

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