About Lorenzo Norris

In addition to being the director of Consult Liaison Psychiatry, Dr. Norris is the director of the George Washington University Cancer Survivorship Center, a multi-disciplinary care center comprised of practitioners from the departments of Psychiatry, Nutrition, Palliative Care, Exercise Science, Integrative Medicine and Patient Resource Navigation. The center's mission focuses on optimizing quality of life for those in various phases of their cancer treatment. The Center is a direct extension of the excellent oncology care patients receive at the Medical Faculty Associates.

In addition to the psychiatric care of the medically ill, Dr. Norris has a strong interest in helping others understand how their relationships work. Too often in life we have a habit of repeating negative relationship patterns, whether at home, work, or with friends. Regardless of one's life situation, Dr. Norris believes we must be active participants in crafting the life relationships we need in life. In his experience in working with those with serious illnesses Dr. Norris has been most impressed by the power of a complete and holistic approach to patient care that takes into account the power of relationships.


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