About Pooja Lakshmin

Dr. Pooja Lakshmin graduated summa cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Women’s Studies and Biological Basis of Behavior. She pursed her medical degree from Jefferson Medical College, and did her first and second year of residency training at Stanford University. Dr. Lakshmin completed her psychiatry residency at the George Washington University Department of Psychiatry, where she received the Diane K. Shrier award for research in Women's Health. In addition to clinical training, she has completed postdoctoral research training at Rutgers University using fMRI to investigate the sequence of activation in brain regions during sexual response in women. 

Dr. Lakshmin teaches medical students, and conducts research in the field of women’s mental health, including studying women with depression in India, and narrative therapy for survivors of intimate partner violence. She specializes in treating mood and anxiety disorders in women, including post-partum depression, pregnancy related trauma, and grief after miscarriage. She seeks to help women and men reach their fullest potential, and takes a humanistic approach to psychiatric care. 


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