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Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Services

The Audiology Center offers hearing aid consultations, fittings and general maintenance for Oticon, Phonak and Earlens hearing aids. After a patient has a hearing test (must be within six months) and is diagnosed with hearing loss, he/she may schedule a hearing aid consultation. During a hearing aid consultation, an audiologist will discuss the hearing aid manufacturers and their products, the different styles of hearing aids, the levels of technology, and the price points.

After choosing the hearing aids, the patient will return for the hearing aid fitting appointment, typically about two weeks after the consultation. At the fitting appointment, the hearing aids are programmed to the patient’s most recent hearing test. The audiologist will run verification measures to ensure the hearing aids are programmed appropriately and fine tune the hearing aids based on the patient’s feedback. Once the programming is complete, the audiologist will review how to use the hearing aids and general care/maintenance. From here, the patient will return for a two week follow up appointment. All hearing aids can be returned or exchanged within a 30-day trial period.

Patient Resources

Oticon Connectivity Help Line: 855-400-9766
Phonak Connectivity Help Line: 1-800-679-4871

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