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High Risk Clinic

Breast Cancer Diagnostics in Washington DC

The High Risk Breast Care Clinic at The GW Medical Faculty Associates is offered at GW Hospital in Northwest Washington, DC. This clinic is tailor made for patients at high risk for developing breast cancer because of a known genetic mutation, for non-mutation carriers with a strong family history, and for patients who have had an abnormal breast biopsy.

Dr. Rebecca Kaltman is a medical oncologist specializing in the care of breast cancer patients who says the clinic has been a long-time dream. She’s always had an interest in managing women at high risk for developing breast cancer but found that many patients were so overwhelmed with the recommendations for preventative care that they failed to receive optimal follow-up care. This clinic will provide multi-disciplinary care in one location, thereby eliminating the legwork for patients, and increasing its effectiveness. It is a new model for treatment and a home that high-risk patients can call their own.

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