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Cancer Survivorship Clinic

Discovering Life after Cancer

We know that when treatment for cancer is over, your journey is not over. This is a new beginning.

Our Thriving After Cancer survivorship clinic provides comprehensive care to patients who have completed treatment for cancer. At each visit we step back and take a look at the whole picture, including each part of your treatment, your health habits, and your current physical and emotional well-being. We focus on any symptoms you may be having and educate you about the potential late and long term effects of your treatment. We provide clear directions for screening and we encourage you to make healthy lifestyle choices.

For Survivors of Adult Cancers: 202.741.2200
For Survivors of Childhood Cancers: 202.476.2510

Our team of professionals is dedicated to addressing your needs. We work with internists and registered dietitians and refer you to a specialist when necessary. We believe all patients treated for cancer deserve this type of collaborative care and information.

You’ll receive an individualized survivorship care plan, which includes a summary of the treatment you completed and a written plan containing follow up care and screening recommendations.

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  • very helpful and comforting. I was able to get a little more organized and gained a good understanding of what I need to do.

  • extremely helpful. After a long time and being a multi-cancer survivor this program opened up my life again. This program has caused me to reach out even more for what I need to go forward. Thank you.

  • very informative. You really care about the patients. It’s obvious!

  • another part of the continuum of excellent care I’ve received over the course of my breast cancer treatment. Doctors, nurse practitioners, and all staff are knowledgeable and supportive.

  • informative, helpful, not scary or overly intrusive. Responsive to my questions and friendly!!

  • exceptional. I was able to talk about my concerns. The team was very personal. They gave me helpful guidelines for my diet. I think every survivor should participate.