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About Us

We offer the latest innovations in cardiac care and clinical therapies for patients who have a wide range of heart and blood vessel conditions – including heart valve abnormalities, coronary artery disease, heart rhythm problems, heart failure, and lipid disorders.

We offer state-of-the art testing to aid in accurate diagnosis and individualized treatment options, which include lifestyle modification, drug therapies and catheter-based interventions.

GW Heart & Vascular Institute

The mission of the GW Heart & Vascular Institute is to promote cardiac and vascular research, education, and community service with the goal of accelerating the pace of scientific discovery, reducing mortality and improving the quality of life of Americans with heart and vascular disease.

To achieve these goals, the GW Heart & Vascular Institute seeks to provide an interdisciplinary structure to integrate basic and clinical investigators, clinicians, medical educators, health policy experts and community leaders.

The Institute’s goal is to be the leading center for heart and vascular research, education and community service – and to do so by leveraging the enormous resources of The George Washington University.

Women's Heart Center

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in American Women. It kills more than one in three. Twice as many women die from heart disease as from all forms of cancer combined. Yet, only one woman in every eight understands that heart disease poses the greatest health threat to women. That’s why Women With Heart exists – to help educate, support and inspire women. Women With Heart is a collaboration between The GW Medical Faculty Associates and the GW Heart & Vascular Institute.

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