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Doctors International

providing healthcare & education for UNDERSERVED communities worldwide

Our team is comprised of a multidisciplinary group of healthcare providers including physicians and nurses that represent all medical and surgical subspecialties. These teams would be dispatched to areas of need nationally and internationally to provide the specific healthcare services needed in that area. These services can include medical and surgical care.

A triage team, who will be a health professional identified in each location, will screen patients prior to the medical mission and determine the medical needs of the specific population. This triage team will interface with local healthcare providers to coordinate the right health care team that will meet the needs of the population in need. This triage team will also serve as a liaison to provide information to the local population and coordinate care and establish educational opportunities for continued care after the mission is completed.

Missions will typically last one to two weeks depending on the location and need. During the missions, The GW MFA team in partnership with local healthcare providers, will provide medical care for the underserved population. Additionally, the GW team will provide an opportunity for local healthcare providers to learn up-to-date treatments to improve and continue care after the mission is completed.

The GW MFA team will provide these services free of charge and will not discriminate based on any social, political, or religious affiliation.


  • To provide high quality multidisciplinary healthcare to the underserved and indigent population, both nationally and internationally.
  • To educate patients and local healthcare providers in order to improve the existing quality of healthcare at that locale.
  • To establish an independent and self-sufficient healthcare team that would be able to respond expediently to crisis and disaster situations.

Thank you for supporting Doctors International at The GW Medical Faculty Associates. We are grateful for your time, talents, and donations that help bring medical care to people around the world. Your kind gifts allow us to continue providing health care services to indigent populations both nationally and internationally.