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Missions typically last one to two weeks depending on the location and need. During the missions, The GW MFA team, in partnership with local healthcare providers, will provide medical care for the underserved population. Additionally, the team will provide an opportunity for local healthcare providers to learn up-to-date treatments to improve and continue care after the mission is completed.

The Mission of Doctors International is:

  • To provide high quality multidisciplinary healthcare to the underserved and indigent population, both nationally and internationally.
  • To educate patients and local healthcare providers in order to improve the existing quality of healthcare at that locale.
  • To establish an independent and self-sufficient healthcare team that would be able to respond expediently to crisis and disaster situations.

Mission One: Urology & General Surgery

In October 2013, Doctors International launched its first mission to Guyana, South America. Led by Drs. Vaziri and Dangerfield, a 21-member-team of surgeons, surgical residents, anesthesiologists, nurses, surgical techs and a public health specialist spent the week seeing patients, conducting surgeries and educating healthcare providers at Guyana’s Georgetown Public Hospital and West Demerara Hospital. In addition, the team worked with the Ministry of Health performing health education outreach for the public. Read more about this mission.