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Past Missions

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The GW Doctors International team, in partnership with local healthcare providers, will provide medical care for the underserved population. Additionally, the team will provide an opportunity for local healthcare providers to learn up-to-date treatments to improve and continue care after the mission is completed.

The Mission of Doctors International is:

  • To provide high quality multidisciplinary healthcare to the under served and indigent population, both nationally and internationally.
  • To educate patients and local healthcare providers in order to improve the existing quality of healthcare at that locale.
  • To establish an independent and self-sufficient healthcare team that would be able to respond expediently to crisis and disaster situations.

2017: Guyana

Clinical Focus: Urology & Surgery

In November 2017, the Department of Urology and the Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine deployed a team of attending physicians and residents to help address the backlog of urologic procedures and teach surgical and anesthesiology residents some methods and procedures to help them care for these patients.

During the weeklong mission, the group had three objectives for the trip, says Daniel Stein, MD, residency director for the Department of Urology and assistant professor of urology at SMHS. The first was to help a group of patients in desperate need of care. The second was to collaborate and help train urologists in Guyana to perform surgical procedures and get them comfortable enough to train others.

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2014: Guyana

Clinical Focus: Gynecologic, Urologic and General Surgery

In November 2014, Doctors international completed a mission at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) and West Demerara Regional Hospital in Guyana. This one-week mission included our GW Doctors International team of obstetrics, urologic, general surgeons, and anesthesiology providers. Like many medical missions, this mission was done with the goal of improving the quality of care and maternal health in Guyana through education and training. Over the course of 5 days, our visiting team of providers trained and educated local providers, and conducted over 40 surgeries.

The Doctors International team on this trip comprised of over 20 GW providers led by co-founder, Dr. K. Vaziri, general surgeon; and just some of our providers including: urologist, Dr. Michael Phillips; anesthesiologists, Dr. Marian Sherman and Dr. Seth Akst; general surgeon, Dr. Mary Elizabeth Shroeder, and OB/GYN, Dr. Amr Makour as well as several other physicians, registered nurses, and surgical technologists.

2013: Guyana

Clinical Focus on Urology & Surgery

In October 2013, Doctors International launched its first mission to Guyana, South America. Led by Drs. Vaziri and Dangerfield, a 21-member-team of surgeons, surgical residents, anesthesiologists, nurses, surgical techs and a public health specialist spent the week seeing patients, conducting surgeries and educating healthcare providers at Guyana’s Georgetown Public Hospital and West Demerara Hospital. In addition, the team worked with the Ministry of Health performing health education outreach for the public. Read more about this mission.