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Over Twenty Years of Experience Delivering Remote Medical Services to the Maritime Industry.

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In operation since 1989, Maritime Medical Access (MMA) provides a vital link to the delivery of appropriate medical care for shipping vessels, aircraft,yachts and teams in remote locations. We deliver worldwide telemedicine advice,clinical case management, repatriation, training, and recommendations for medical equipment and medicine chests all through one centrally managed and secure client portal.

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Why Choose Maritime Medical Access?

Global access to our Board Certified emergency medicine physicians has enabled companies and individuals to reduce unnecessary medical expenses and the risk of liability. Our relationship with The George Washington University Medical Center ensures current, state-of-the-art, medical practices and case management for our ill or injured clients.

About the Worldwide Emergency Communications Center

Program Manager, Remote Medical Programs & Maritime Medical Access

Maritime Medical Access delivers seemless communications and operations support through our Worldwide Emergency Communications Center or (WECC). The WECC is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week by medically trained operators who professionally patch the patient to the on-call physician. From any location in the world, our clients have direct access via phone, email or through our DigiGone(TM) video-teleconference unit to emergency physicians as well as over 550 specialty physicians for immediate, remote medical consultation.

We encourage you to learn more about Maritime Medical Access services, benefits and medical team.

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About MMA Video Telemedicine

Maritime Medical Access has now integrated DigiGoneTM Video Conferencing Software at our Worldwide Emergency Communications Center. DigiGoneTM gives our EMT's and Board Certified Physicians the ability to communicate with any vessel which has the DigiGoneTM software on board via encrypted, HIPAA compliant 2-way or multi-party video, audio, text message or file transfer.

  • Access: Video conferencing is now accessible 24/7, 365 days per year, worldwide, anywhere an internet connection can be established
  • Personal Interaction: The injured or ill party and the physician now have the ability to see each other face to face from anywhere in the world. This affords the patient and the medical provider the opportunity to establish a more personal interaction that has not been possible before.
  • Specialty Care: Vessel owners and medical officers will enjoy the peace of mind that they have access to over 55 specialties and over 550 providers at the George Washington University - MFA
  • Speed: World class medical care can be accessed in a timely and secure manner. This HIPAA compliant access to medical care is unparalleled in the industry and provides our clients assurance that their sick or injured mariner is receiving the best possible care.
  • Consistency: Since 1989, Maritime Medical Access has been the industry leader in delivering worldwide telemedicine advise, clinical case management, repatriation, training and recommendations for medical equipment and medicine chests for clients to all corners of the globe. We are proud to have added DigiGoneTM Video Telemedicine services to our capabilities list.
  • Cost Savings: With skyrocketing fuel and internet air time prices, along with cost prohibitive medical evacuations or port diversions, DigiGoneTM Video Telemedicine provides a cost effective solution for vessels of any size. In fact, air time usage with DigiGoneTM is usually less than 1/10th the cost of other video solutions.

Benefits of Maritime Medical Access

When an accident or serious illness occurs at sea, expert medical help may be thousands of miles away. However, having satellite or mobile links to our emergency medicine physicians ensures high quality, continuous care no matter where you are in the world.

For over 25 years Maritime Medical Access has been committed to the construction and implementation of integrated medical solutions to maximize the quality of medical care and the appropriateness of cost for care for the maritime community.

Reduce Liability: In the event of a medical incident at sea, attorney fees for corporate litigation can start at $300.00 per hour, Medevac services average $35,000.00 or more, and medical services at the nearest port may be primitive or non-existent. Clients may reduce liability and avoid costly litigation fees by utilizing the 24/7 medical hotline, video telemedicine service, extensive onboarding medical training programs, and updated medical supply chests.

Cost Containment: On numerous occasions, Maritime Medical Access has successfully directed a ship's medical officer or master through minor surgical procedures. With our video conferencing capabilities, physicians are able to visually inspect injuries and determine if evacuation or ship diversions are medically necessary. A merchant ship is estimated to cost its owner at least $40,000.00 a day to operate. As a result, these companies and owners have saved a significant amount of money by NOT having to divert the ship to the nearest port for medical assistance.