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Nocturnal Dialysis

Dialysis Treatment You Can Sleep Through

The Division of Kidney Disease & Hypertension at The GW Medical Faculty Associates is pleased to announce that it now offers Nocturnal Dialysis at its K Street DaVita Dialysis unit. This new modality was integrated into the MFA’s care system after partnering with DaVita®, a leading provider of kidney care in the United States.

Nocturnal dialysis is gentler than conventional dialysis, as it is extended over more hours per session than conventional in-center treatment. In-center hemodialysis is generally done during the day, three days a week, for a three-to-five hour period. By contrast, Nocturnal dialysis, permits patients to sleep at the clinic three nights a week while they are undergoing hemodialysis.

Benefits of Nocturnal Dialysis

The slower treatment time allows for a reduced flow rate, which can be helpful for patients who have complications from the higher blood flow and larger fluid removal rates of conventional hemodialysis. Because fluid is removed from the body at a slower rate, the prospect of cramping or drops in blood pressure can diminish for some patients. Nocturnal Dialysis has been shown to have a beneficial effect on:

  • Cardiac function
  • Blood pressure control
  • Sleep
  • Appetite
  • Patient well-being
  • Better rehabilitation

About Our Team

Dr. Dominic Raj, professor of Medicine and Director of Kidney Disease & Hypertension at The GW Medical Faculty Associates will lead the program at the K Street facility as the Medical Director. He has extensive experience in this innovative technique. The launch of Nocturnal Dialysis leaves the MFA poised to become a Center for Excellence in Home Dialysis.

In order to accommodate this new modality, the DaVita Dialysis facility underwent a complete renovation and now offers a quiet and comfortable space, as well as modified personal work stations. This novel dialysis is modality is especially suitable for:

  • People with day time employment
  • Large patients
  • Patients with significant inter-dialytic weight gain

For patients or family members who are interested in more information, please contact:

Phone: (202) 741-2283
Fax: (202) 741-2285

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