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Surgical Approaches

Single-Incision, Two-Port, and Traditional Laparoscopy

Laparoscopy is the use of small punctures in the abdomen to perform a surgery rather than a large, open incision. This allows procedures to be done with less complications, a same-day discharge, and a faster recovery. Almost every patient is a candidate for laparoscopy and we encourage patients to seek us out for second opinions if they have been told otherwise. Every surgery is customized to each patient's anatomy and can often be done through one or two small punctures.

Advanced Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery can enhance precision and permit minimally invasive approaches for women whose conditions might have previously been addressed through traditional, open surgery alone. We have been pioneers with reduced-port and single-port robotic surgery and are nationally recognized for our skill and efficiency in this modality of laparoscopy.

Vaginal Surgery

We believe there are times when a vaginal approach to surgery will lead to the safest and quickest recovery. We are happy to review all of your options, including the pros/cons of each approach.

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