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About Our Podiatry Department

The Division of Podiatry at The GW Medical Faculty Associates specializes in the study, diagnosis, and treatment of any condition involving the foot and ankle and lower leg. Prescribing the best care possible for each individual case, the Division's board-certified podiatric surgeons have extensive experience treating:

  • Diabetic Foot Care
  • Sports-Related Injuries
  • Foot and Ankle Surgery

Recommendations for Healthy Feet:

  • Wear properly fitted shoes
  • Avoid high heels and flip flops for prolonged walking
  • Avoid wearing the same pair of shoes every day. Check shoes for excessive wear.
  • Trim your toenails straight across
  • Diabetics should inspect their feet daily to guard against unusual growths, cuts, non-healing sores, etc.
  • Seek the care of a podiatrist for evaluation of persistent foot pain or non-healing wounds.

Shoes can play a central role in the health of your feet. High-heeled shoes not only affect toes; but balance, back pain, and ankle injuries.

Foot & Ankle Care

Feet are said to be a reflection of an individual’s health because medical problems such as arthritis and circulatory disorders often reveal their initial symptoms in the lower extremities.

Serious consequences can arise without proper examination, diagnosis and treatment of foot and ankle problems in the earliest possible stages. Yet, foot disorders are among the most widespread and neglected health problems in our culture.

The tendency to overlook symptoms of foot and ankle disorders may be attributed to a generally accepted misconception: that a certain amount of foot pain is normal. Therefore they resign themselves to living with problems that could be treated, relieved or eliminated. The importance of foot and ankle health care cannot be overstated.

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