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Welcome to Cuentos 2018, the ninth edition of the humanities magazine produced by the Medical Faculty Associate’s Division of General Internal Medicine. This year’s edition, like the editions that came before it, is our most expansive one yet: 70 internal medicine residents, attendings, other staff, and alumni sharing 76 different pieces.

Each year we think we’ve harnessed all of the artistic talent of our colleagues…only to discover the following year that the richness runs even deeper. Each of us joined the editorial team for a variety reasons. We each have different interests in painting, photography, and writing. What unites us is our love for grammar and the red pen as well as our desire to showcase the humanism in medicine. We earnestly believe that healthcare providers who do art relate better to their patients and colleagues and are better clinicians for it. Cuentos is a forum for artistic expression in the Division of General Internal Medicine, and we are so grateful for it.

As editors, we have the privilege of working directly with the healthcare providers responsible for the work you are about to see. These are the people behind the white coats, scrubs, and badges. They have carved sculptures from wood, devised healthy recipes, and drawn fairies, among other endeavors. We can say without reservation that each contributor has shared a part of him or herself with each piece of art created.

Whether you are sitting in the waiting room or beyond, we invite you to take a moment out of your fast-paced life to find a connection within these pages. And be sure to check out our 2016 movie highlighting the impact of Cuentos for contributors and readers alike.

We thank you for your continued support.

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