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Skull Base Surgery

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A Skull Base tumor is one which occurs around the base of the brain, at the intersection between the cranium (where the brain lies) and the face. This is the area where you’ll find openings for your spinal cord, and the nerves that control vital structures of your head, face, neck and the rest of the body. It’s important to understand that many of these tumors are benign – they are not cancerous However, these tumors may cause significant impairments due to their compression of vital structures, including the brainstem.

Whether you have a tumor arising from the brain (meningioma, acoustic neuroma, pituitary tumor) or a tumor arising from the head and neck, it takes an experienced and highly trained team of surgeons to operate in this complex anatomy.

What's next if I’ve been diagnosed with a skull base tumor?

Most skull base tumors are benign. Though not cancerous, they can still be serious. A tumor of the nose, sinus, skull base and pituitary gland can cause many different problems. It may affect your memory, your speech, your hearing, your vision, and your movement. It may cause headaches and other pains. Skull base tumors generally grow slowly allowing some time to consider your treatment options. Our specialists can help patients and their families determine which approach is best based on age, lifestyle, overall health, and personal preferences.

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