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Vascular Lab

Introduction to the Non Invasive Vascular Laboratory

  • Did you know the Non Invasive Vascular Laboratory is the backbone for any successful Vascular Surgical Program?
  • The concept of using sound waves to evaluate the frequency and speed of moving red blood cells began in Japan in 1956.
  • The noninvasive vascular laboratory was ready for diagnostic imaging in the early 80’s.
  • This technology spawned the need for professionally trained individuals who studied the relationship of moving blood cells within the body, using specialized ultrasound and Doppler equipment…Enter: The Registered Vascular Technologist RVT.
  • These individuals are clinically and diagnostically trained and board certified with a specific skill set to understand the physics of blood flow throughout the body and the relationship it has on internal organs of the abdomen, arms, legs, and most importantly, the brain.


Mark Bates, RVT
Non Invasive Vascular Laboratory
Office: 202.741.2452
Pager: 202.750.3077

Michele Walters, RVT
Lead Technologist
Non Invasive Vascular Laboratory