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"Embracing the Wisdom of Collaborative Practice"

We believe that collaborative care between midwives and physicians yields the very best outcomes for pregnant women and their babies.  Our full-scope midwifery service provides in-hospital, midwifery-managed prenatal care and deliveries for the women of the Washington DC Metro Area.  We only deliver at The George Washington University Hospital.  We also provide a full array of gyn services and primary health care.

As of July 2014, there will be 8 midwives in the practice: Whitney Pinger, CNM, MSN, FACNM, Laura Emmons, CNM, MSN, Marsha Stalcup, CNM, MSN, Nora Fisher, CNM, MSN, Kimla McDonald, CNM, MSN, Sierra Casillas, CNM, MSN, Alexandra Woolley, CNM, MSN and Kelly Kleiderer, CNM, MSN.  We also have midwifery fellows and students working with us both in the office and on labor and delivery.  We see women on the usual schedule and provide 24/7 coverage for deliveries.  Medical consultation and collaboration is provided by our physician colleagues at The George Washington Medical Faculty Associates.

We are currently enrolling women with spring and summer 2015 due dates.

We ask that women who consider our services meet the following criteria for enrollment: 

  • Be in excellent health
  • Follow our nutritional and exercise guidelines
  • Be committed to natural birth
  • Have partners that are engaged in the pregnancy and natural childbirth process AND additional labor support
  • Acknowledge the risk inherent in birth
  • Be committed to waiting for labor to begin on its own
  • Embrace our model of care in a university-based learning environment

If these criteria for enrollment make sense to you, please click here to let us know that you are interested in recieving more information about joining our practice.  We host monthly “Meet the Midwives” for prospective couples to come meet us and find out more information. Please join us for our next Meet the Midwives on Tuesday, January 20th 2015. The GW MFA Midwives hope to see you there!

Blessings on your journey!


Meet the Midwives

The next meeting is Tuesday, January 20th, 2015 at 6:30 p.m. in the The George Washington University Hospital Auditorium. If these criteria make sense to you and you would like more information about the practice please click here.

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