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Memory Evaluation & Treatment Clinic

quality memory loss and dementia care in washington, dc

The Memory Clinic team comprehensively evaluates persons with concern for memory loss or established dementia to provide quality care around what matters. We recognize how memory conditions can affect many aspects of life. We work with you and your support system to identify what matters most and tailor a plan of care that best supports an improved quality of life and identifies areas where assistance can be beneficial. Some of these areas include:

  1. Optimizing opportunities to remain independent
  2. Identifying person specific strategies to slow cognitive loss and functional decline
  3. Creating safe home environments and optimizing safe mobility within your community
  4. Performing comprehensive review of medications that may increase risk of poor cognitive functioning or make you at risk for undesireable outcomes
  5. Developing care plans for behavioral changes associated with dementia
  6. Supporting patients and caregivers across the continuum of life with memory disorders
  7. Planning for future health care decisions through advance care planning.

Our aim is to provide resources and interventions that promote improvements in cognition and longevity through a combination of pharmacological and non-pharmacological approaches.

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